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Release name: Alice in Wonderland (1933)

Size: 750.25 MB

Title : Alice in Wonderland (2010)

IMDB Rating :6.5

Genre : Adventure / Family / Fantasy

Runtime : 108 MIN

File: Alice in Wonderland (1933).avi Size: 786696192 bytes (750.25 MiB), duration: 01:16:10, avg.bitrate: 1377 kb/s Audio: mp3, 48000 Hz, stereo, 32 kb/s Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 656x480, 23.98 fps(r)

Provider : barni

Plot :

Alice, an unpretentious and individual 19-year-old, is betrothed to a dunce of an English nobleman. At her engagement party, she escapes the crowd to consider whether to go through with the marriage and falls down a hole in the garden after spotting an unusual rabbit. Arriving in a strange and surreal place called "Underland," she finds herself in a world that resembles the nightmares she had as a child, filled with talking animals, villainous queens and knights, and frumious bandersnatches. Alice realizes that she is there for a reason--to conquer the horrific Jabberwocky and restore the rightful queen to her throne.

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Release name: Nigel.Latta.Blows.Stuff.Up.S01E01.720p.HDTV.x264-FiHTV

File: Nigel.Latta.Blows.Stuff.Up.S01E01.720p.HDTV.x264-FiHTV.mkv Size: 434218232 bytes (414.10 MiB), duration: 00:22:26, avg.bitrate: 2581 kb/s Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz, 5:1 Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 25.00 fps(r) (eng)

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Release name: Nigel.Latta.Blows.Stuff.Up.S01E01.HDTV.x264-FiHTV

File: Nigel.Latta.Blows.Stuff.Up.S01E01.HDTV.x264-FiHTV.mp4 Size: 149471206 bytes (142.55 MiB), duration: 00:22:26, avg.bitrate: 888 kb/s Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo (und) Video: h264, yuv420p, 720x404, 25.00 fps(r) (und)

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Episode name:Barry Bostwick

Show summary : From executive producers Seth Jarrett and Julie Insogna Jarrett (Celebrity Ghost Stories, I Killed My BFF), The Haunting Of... is an original series featuring world-renowned psychic-medium Kim Russo as she gives an exclusive look at celebrities who have had their lives changed by paranormal events. Each one-hour episode of The Haunting Of... will feature celebrities’ real life encounters with the paranormal as they return to the site of their traumatic experience. During these gripping journeys, Kim Russo unlocks the secrets that haunted each celebrity and explains the unexplained. Kim also unveils shocking psychic moments and surprising personal revelations as she tunes into the celebrities’ personal lives and connects with their loved ones who have crossed over.

Release name: The.Haunting.Of.S04E21.Diane.Farr.720p.HDTV.x264-DHD

Links :
File: The.Haunting.Of.S04E21.Diane.Farr.720p.HDTV.x264-DHD.mkv Size: 958381413 bytes (913.98 MiB), duration: 00:42:13, avg.bitrate: 3027 kb/s Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz, stereo Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 23.98 fps(r)

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Navigon MobileNavigator FreshMaps Europe Q1/2015
Navigon MobileNavigator FreshMaps Europe Q1/2015
Size: 4.1 GB Type: GPS

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Release name: Dangerous.Voyage.1954.DVDRip.x264-FiCO

Size: 847.61 MB

Title : Terror Ship (1954)

IMDB Rating :7.1

Genre : Crime / Drama

Runtime : 72 MIN

File: fico-dangvoy.mkv Size: 873398580 bytes (832.94 MiB), duration: 01:09:32, avg.bitrate: 1675 kb/s Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, mono (eng) Video: h264, yuv420p, 704x512, 25.00 fps(r) (eng)

Provider : barni

Plot :

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Kaspersky Reset Trial Beta Multilanguage

Kaspersky Reset Trial Beta Multilanguage | 1.81 Mb

Kaspersky Reset Trial - a program to reset the trial ( for reuse trial period ) antivirus Kaspersky Lab products .

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Show summary : Engineering has built our modern world. Everything from skyscrapers to roads and air travel exist because of advances in engineering. What happens when engineering goes horribly wrong? Engineering Disasters goes beyond the headlines to uncover what really happened in the most notorious engineering accidents. What caused an outdoor stage to collapse in Indiana, killing seven? How did a collection of classic Corvettes disappear right out of thin air? Why did a plane’s fuselage rip open in mid-flight? What was behind the collapse of a domed stadium? Each hour long episode combines expert and eyewitness interviews, state of the art graphics and dramatic ‘moment of disaster’ footage to tell the story behind the world’s most terrifying engineering disasters.

Release name: Engineering.Disasters.S01E02.Freight.Train.Collision.720p.HDTV.x264-DHD

Links :
File: Engineering.Disasters.S01E02.Freight.Train.Collision.720p.HDTV.x264-DHD.mkv Size: 1141861780 bytes (1.06 GiB), duration: 00:41:57, avg.bitrate: 3629 kb/s Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz, 5:1 Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 23.98 fps(r)

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Release name: The.Universe-Ancient.Mysteries.Solved.S02E01.Omens.of.Doom.HDTV.x264-W4F

File: the.universe-ancient.mysteries.solved.s02e01.omens.of.doom.hdtv.x264-w4f.mp4 Size: 328063967 bytes (312.87 MiB), duration: 00:41:59, avg.bitrate: 1042 kb/s Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo (eng) Video: h264, yuv420p, 720x404, 23.98 fps(r) (und)

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Show summary : Penn Teller headline this competition series, which takes viewers behind the scenes of magic by challenging a new team of magicians each week to create the most jaw-dropping illusions using an array of random objects and transforming them into eye-popping miracles. The winning team of challengers in the first round then take on the expert "home team" of world-renowned wizards: Two-time World Championship of Magic winner Gregory Wilson; Wynn Resort resident magician Shimshi; YouTube sensation Justin Flom, and internationally renowned mentalist Angela Funovits. Judges on the show include the aforementioned Penn Teller, Jason Latimer and Christen Gerhart.

Release name: Wizard.Wars.S01E06.HDTV.x264-MiNDTHEGAP

Links :
File: wizard.wars.s01e06.hdtv.x264-mtg.mp4 Size: 384605551 bytes (366.79 MiB), duration: 00:42:57, avg.bitrate: 1194 kb/s Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo (eng) Video: h264, yuv420p, 720x406, 23.98 fps(r) (und)

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