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Episode name:The Soap Star Killer

Show summary : Countdown to Murder is a documentary series which takes a close look at some of the country' most high-profile murder cases.

Release name: Countdown.To.Murder.S03E01.Joanna.Yeates.HDTV.x264-C4TV

File: Size: 284242489 bytes (271.07 MiB), duration: 00:45:14, avg.bitrate: 838 kb/s Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo (und) Video: h264, yuv420p, 720x404, 25.00 fps(r) (und)

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Release name: The Wrong Guys (1988)

Size: 698.99 MB

Title : The Wrong Guys (1988)

IMDB Rating :4.8

Genre : Comedy

Runtime : 86 MIN

File: The Wrong Guys (1988).avi Size: 732940288 bytes (698.99 MiB), duration: 01:22:13, avg.bitrate: 1189 kb/s Audio: mp3, 48000 Hz, stereo, 128 kb/s Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 512x384, 25.00 fps(r)

Provider : barni

Plot :

Five former cub scouts have a reunion and go camping on the mountain they never conquered. High jinks ensue due to their childhood enemies and a group of escaped convicts who mistake them for an FBI unit.

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JixiPix Fold Defy v1.01 Portable
JixiPix Fold Defy v1.01 Portable | 51.9 Mb

This professional app not only folds your image, using two types of bending options: FOLD and CREASE, but also distresses it with a CRUMPLE effect to give the appearance of crunched paper smoothed flat. Oriented in a 2D space, Fold Defy renders 3D popping folds with their perspective distortions and a realistic shadow for an amazing high-end result!

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Episode name:Mr. Butt

Show summary : Teen Titans Go! is a TV show that follows the Teen Titans when not saving the world and when living together as teenagers without adult supervision.

Release name: Teen.Titans.Go.S02E36.HDTV.x264-QCF

Links :
File: Teen.Titans.Go.S02E36.HDTV.x264-QCF.mp4 Size: 72531077 bytes (69.17 MiB), duration: 00:10:24, avg.bitrate: 930 kb/s Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo (eng) Video: h264, yuv420p, 720x404, 23.98 fps(r) (und)

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Release name: The Wings of the Dove (1997)

Size: 1.37 GB

Title : The Wings of the Dove (1997)

IMDB Rating :7.1

Genre : Drama / Romance

Runtime : 102 MIN

File: The Wings of the Dove (1997).avi Size: 1467987968 bytes (1.37 GiB), duration: 01:37:39, avg.bitrate: 2004 kb/s Audio: mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, 112 kb/s Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 688x288, 25.00 fps(r)

Provider : barni

Plot :

Kate Croy's mother was born to wealth and privilege, but she threw it all away to marry Kate's father, a penniless opium addict who admits to having stolen from his wife. After her mother's death, Kate is offered an opportunity to return to the life her mother gave up. There is a condition, however: Kate must sever all of her old ties, not only to her father, but also to her lover, the muck-raking journalist Merton Densher, whom she has promised marriage. Kate reluctantly agrees to this, and in the meantime becomes friendly with "the world's richest orphan," Millie Theale, an American making the Grand Tour. Desperate to see Kate, Merton crashes a party that she and Millie are attending, and Millie is attracted to him. When Kate learns that Millie is dying, she comes up with a plan to have her cake and eat it too...but all does not go as planned.

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Episode name:La Couchette

Show summary : Inside No. 9 invites viewers into six very different No. 9s, where the ordinary and mundane rub shoulders with the extraordinary and macabre. From a grand country house where a game of 'sardines' leads to some chilling revelations in a wardrobe; to a very oddly haunted house; to a blood-soaked actor's dressing room in London's West End; to the flat of an apparently happy primary school teacher who becomes the victim of a good deed; these unpredictable tales feature high comedy and claustrophobic horror by turns.

Release name: Inside.No.9.S02E01.720p.HDTV.x264-TLA

File: Size: 540241897 bytes (515.21 MiB), duration: 00:29:07, avg.bitrate: 2474 kb/s Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 25.00 fps(r) (eng)

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Release name: Pillars.of.Eternity.MacOSX-ACTiVATED

Size: 6.19 GB

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Show summary : The Rayburns are hard-working pillars of their Florida Keys community. But when the black sheep son comes home for the 45th anniversary of his parents' hotel, he threatens to expose the Rayburns' dark secrets and shameful past, pushing his siblings to the limits of family loyalty.

Release name: Bloodline.S01E04.720p.WEBRip.x264-2HD

Links :
File: bloodline.s01e04.720p.webrip.x264-2hd.mkv Size: 1447271470 bytes (1.35 GiB), duration: 00:52:40, avg.bitrate: 3664 kb/s Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz, 5:1 Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 23.98 fps(r) (eng)

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Episode name:Mr. Butt

Show summary : Teen Titans Go! is a TV show that follows the Teen Titans when not saving the world and when living together as teenagers without adult supervision.

Release name: Teen.Titans.Go.S02E36.Truth.Justice.and.What.720p.HDTV.x264-W4F

Links :
File: teen.titans.go.s02e36.truth.justice.and.what.720p.hdtv.x264-w4f.mkv Size: 300344707 bytes (286.43 MiB), duration: 00:10:24, avg.bitrate: 3851 kb/s Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz, 5:1 (eng) Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 23.98 fps(r) (eng)

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Episode name:Bicycle Casino Legends of Poker

Show summary : As the name suggests, the World Poker Tour features not just a single event, but a collection of prestigious tournaments played in top casinos and card rooms across the globe, including the glamorous Bellagio in Las Vegas and the Aviation Club de France in Paris. It all leads up to the WPT Championship finale where the “survivor” walks away with more than million. But that’s just a fraction of the money up for grabs over the course of the series. In March 2005 the WPT hit a 0 Million Milestone in money awarded in tournaments to participants that ranged from seasoned pros to college students. The WPT widened the television audience for poker by injecting cutting-edge television production values into the dramatic world of high-stakes, upscale, tournament poker. With its innovative WPT cams revealing the player’s hole cards and take no-prisoners brand of poker action, the WPT ignited the world’s poker phenomenon. Making viewers feel as if they were sitting in the seat making the million-dollar decision By projecting poker's true image--a stylish and exhilarating sport combining cunning, skill, and nerve-the WPT has revolutionized televised poker and created a mainstream sports sensation. The show rapidly became the highest rated show in the history of the Travel Channel. In the U.S., it airs every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the Travel Channel and is also viewed in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Release name: World.Poker.Tour.S12E08.Grand.Prix.De.Paris.Part.2.720p.HDTV.x264-MiNDTHEGAP

Links :
File: Size: 1107149424 bytes (1.03 GiB), duration: 00:42:21, avg.bitrate: 3486 kb/s Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz, stereo (eng) Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x718, 29.97 fps(r)

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