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O'Reilly - Super Simple Real-Time Big Data Backend: Crate Data
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Inc. | ISBN: 978149191481 | Running time: 00:33:31 | 93.48MB

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Release name: Rooks.Keep-CODEX

Size: 1.04 GB

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Ashampoo UnInstaller 5.04 Multilingual DC 29.09.2014

Ashampoo UnInstaller 5.04 Multilingual DC 29.09.2014 | 21.8 Mb

Ashampoo UnInstaller 5 is our premier solution to remove all traces of no longer needed applications, clean your system from residuals and maintain peak performance. Ashampoo UnInstaller 5 uses clever real-time technology to monitor system changes during program installations. This way, Ashampoo UnInstaller 5 can completely remove monitored installations including otherwise orphaned files and registry entries. For even better results, Ashampoo UnInstaller 5 comes with additional cleaning tools to remove redundant registry entries and clean your drives.

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O'Reilly - Data Science at the Command Line
Presented by: Jeroen Janssens | Duration: Approximately 120 minutes. | 392MB

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Antamedia HotSpot Software

Antamedia HotSpot Software | 81.82 MB

HotSpot Software helps you control and bill Internet access by redirecting your customers to sign-in or pay on your login page. HotSpot software lets you manage your own wireless network with any PC. You can set it to manage one router or a large network covering a whole city. Build cost-effective full featured HotSpot on a well known Windows OS.

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O'Reilly - Designing for Discovery Faceted Navigation
Run time: 3 hours 29 minutes | 2.99GB

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Release name: The.Rape.of.the.Vampire.1968.720p.BluRay.x264-SADPANDA

Size: 3.28 GB

Title : Le viol du vampire (1968)

IMDB Rating :5.7

Genre : Horror

Runtime : 95 MIN


Plot :

This low budget first film from director Jean Rollin is in reality two very loosely-connected, surreally erotic shorts about vampirism. In the first, three Parisians including a psychoanalyst try to convince four neurotic sisters living in a decaying country chateau that their belief that they are 200 year old vampires is false. The alluring young women are influenced and controlled by a enigmatic disembodied voice which turns out to be the an aging, aristocratic lord of the manor, whose motives are unclear but clearly perverse. Local rustics unite to hunt down and kill the sanguine siblings. In the second, the Queen of the Vampires and her acolytes arrive on the scene, resurrect the dead, and promulgate the cause of the Undead while a medical researcher works to find an antidote to vampirism.

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Knit Today - Issue 96 2014

Knit Today - Issue 96 2014
English | 100 pages | PDF | 19 Mb

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O'Reilly - UI Development for Engineers HTML, CSS, HAML & SASS for Back-End Developers
Run time: 3 hours 59 minutes | 3.64GB

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O'Reilly - Mapping the User Experience Aligning for Value
Run time: 3 hours 12 minutes | 2.6GB

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