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700+ All Android Paid Apps

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* CardioTrainer
* Collins dictionaries
* Documents to Go v2.003.605
* FireWallet Pro (3.1.0)
* GDE (
* GRemote Pro (1.1.2)
* iSilo (5.12) (5.13b1)
* Locale v1.1.1
* Merriam-Webster Collegiate...
* PandaHero (1.3.01)
* PdaNet (2.41)
* PrinterShare (3.0.1)
* Rip Androidapps to your SD
* ROM Manager
* Run.GPS Trainer UV Pro (2.3.6)
* SlideIT Keyboard (1.5.2)
* TouchDown (5.1.0028)

1 Click Direction (1.2.9).apk
360 Live (2.8.9).apk
5001 Amazing Facts (1.4).apk
a2b - GPS (2.2.0).apk
abcOrganizer (1.2).apk
aBTC (1.9).apk
Act 1 Video Player (2.10.0).apk
aDialCode (1.30).apk
Advanced Bubble Level Pro (1.0.1).apk
Advanced Task Killer PRO (1.7.6).apk
Advanced Task Manager (4.0.1).apk
aFile (1.2.0).apk
aFirewall (2.2.0)
AG Aussie News (2.2).apk
AG Dutch Newspapers - Kranten (2.0).apk
aHome (3.1.0).apk
Akinator (2.0).apk
Alarm Master (1.0).apk
Alarming! Alarm Clock (2.2.0).apk
aLauncher (1.30).apk
Album Art Grabber (1.1.5).apk
Aldiko Book Reader Premium (1.2.9).apk
All Radio Stations (1.0).apk
AllSport GPS (3.0.54).apk
Always Flash (26.03.21).apk
Amarok Remote.apk
Ambling BookPlayer Personal (1.7).apk
AndAR Model Viewer (1.0).apk
AndCAD (1.0).apk
AndCam3D (1.3.2).apk
Andro Shark (1.0).apk
Androffice (0.98).apk
Android Arcade Emulator (1.0.0).apk
Android File Browser (2.0).apk
Android IRC (1.7.2).apk
Android Lock (1.0.0).apk
Android Mate (1.0.9).apk
Android VNC viewer.apk
Android Xtralogic Remote Client (1.5.0).apk
Androids Fortune (0.1.0).apk
AndroMote Pro (1.2.3).apk
AndroZip File Manager (
AndTorrent (0.89.3).apk
AndWobble (1.9).apk
Animal Translator (1.0)..apk
aniWidget (3.2.4).apk
AnonymousEmail (1.0.0).apk
Any Clip Pro (1.2.8).apk
AnyRSS reader Widget (3.4).apk
APKtor - Aptoide client (
App Launcher (2.0.1).apk
App Protector Pro (1.23).apk
App Vault (1.0.1).apk
AppControl (1.4.11).apk
AppJoy (1.1).apk
AppManager Pro (1.4.9).apk
AppMonster Pro (1.6.3).apk
AppProtector Pro (1.18).apk
AppSwipe! (2.0.2b).apk
AppSwipe! Key (1.2).apk
Armored Strike (1.991).apk
Ascending Ringtone (1.1).apk
Asian Health (1.2).apk
Ask Eindroid (1.1).apk
ASTRO File Manager (2.3.1).apk
Astro Player Unlock Key (1.3).apk
aTAKEphONE contact dialer (1.21).apk
ATumble (1.70).apk
Audio Player With EQ Platinum (1.1.5).apk
AudioManager Pro (1.2.5).apk
AutoKiller (2.54).apk
AutoLock (2.0).apk
AutoSpeaker (1.4).apk
AutoStarts (1.5.7).apk
Babbler (1.4.4).apk
BabelSnap! (1.1).apk
Baby ESP (1.0.0).apk
BabyBump (1.0.3).apk
BabyPhone Deluxe.apk
Backup (3.5.3).apk
Bar Control (1.1.0).apk
Barcode Scanner.apk
Battery Indicator Pro (2.3.2).apk
Battery Level (2.1.459).apk
Battery Monitor (1.0.5).apk
Battery Status (3.1).apk
Battery Status Ultimate (1.0).apk
BatteryTime (1.2).apk
Battle.net Mobile Authenticator (1.0.0).apk
Beach Chronicles (Premarketrelease).apk
BeamReader PDF Viewer Key (1.1.4).apk
Beautiful Widgets (2.992).apk
Beautiful Widgets Pack 2 (1.01).apk
Bedside Pro (3.0.5).apk
BeebPlayer (0.6.0).apk
Best Screen Crack (1.0).apk
Better Keyboard (6.3).apk
Better Terminal Emulator Pro (3.13).apk
BetterCut (2.2).apk
BeyondPod (2.2.8).apk
BeyondPod Unlockkey.apk
Bikini Camera (1.0.0).apk
Binary Converter (1.0).apk
Binaural Droid (1.5).apk
BioWallet (0.1.1b).apk
Blackmoon AttachSave (1.8).apk
Blapk Market (1.2.0).apk
Block Called Droid (1.0).apk
Block SMS (1.0.0).apk
Bloo (1.3.8b).apk
BlowUp (1.0).apk
BlueScreen Pro (1.0.1).apk
Bluetooth File Transfer (2.75).apk
Bluex - Bluetooth Fileshare (1.1.2).apk
BongBoard (1.0.41).apk
Boot Control (1.31).apk
BootAnimationchanger (2.0).apk
BotBoobs - Topless Lee Ann II (1.2.0).apk
BotBoobs - Topless LuLu (1.1.0).apk
BTCall - Bluetooth auto on-off (2.6).apk
bTunes Music Player (1.5.1b).apk
BucketUpload (0.1).apk
Bump (1.06).apk
CacheCleaner (1.8).apk
CacheMate (2.6).apk
Calendar Pad Pro for Android 1.6+ (1.0.1).apk
Caligo Chaser (1.0.3).apk
Call Blocker Elite (2.6.7).apk
Call Dock Bar (2.2).apk
Call List Now (1.6).apk
Call Log Calendar (1.7.2).apk
Call Recorder (1.0).apk
Caller ID (2.0.11).apk
Cambridge Advanced Learner Dictionary (1.3.1).apk
CamCard (1.1.20100227).apk
Camera Pro (3.1).apk
Camera Widget (1.0.1).apk
Camera ZOOM FX (2.4.1).apk
CamPainter Pro (1.4.1).apk
Car Dar (1.40).apk
Car Dock (0.1).apk
Car Finder (1.8.6).apk
Car Locator (2.9.3).apk
Celeste SE (1.0.5).apk
Chalky (1.3).apk
Chandroid (2.3.0).apk
Checkbook Genius (1.30).apk
Choice Dialer (1.3.0).apk
ChompSMS (3.9).apk
CIDR Calculator (1.0).apk
ClearMe (1.0).apk
ClockworkMod Launcher (
Close Everything 2 (2.0.11).apk
CoboCards Flashcards (1.01).apk
Collage Creator (5.6).apk
Color Pop (1.1.8).apk
ColorUp (3.5).apk
CompTIA Bundle (1.0.3).apk
Concise Oxford English Dictionary (11th version).apk
Concise Oxford Medical Dictionary (1.6_021).apk
Connect Bot.apk
Contact Sidebar (1.5).apk
Contacts Blast (1.8.2).apk
Contacts GroupU (1.8.6).apk
Contacts! Widget (2.42).apk
Contacts2Sim Pro (1.11).apk
Countdown (1.0.1).apk
CoursePro (1.31).apk
CPS2HD Emulator (Capcom Play System 2 Arcade) (2.0.1).apk
CubeWorks (1.0).apk
Currency Guide Full (1.2.3).apk
Currency Viewer.apk
Decaf Amazon EC2 Client (1.1.9).apk
Designer Analog Atlantic Clock Widget (2.06).apk
Designer Clock Watch Widget (1.9).apk
Desktop 3 Suite.apk
DishPointer Pro (1.2).apk
Disneyland California Maps (1.2).apk
DockAwake (1.8.2).apk
Dogg Catcher (1.1.1034).apk
DoIt! Task Manager (1.9.0).apk
Dolphin Browser (2.0.0).apk
Dolphin Browser (HD) License.apk
Dolphin Browser HD (1.0.0).apk
Doodledroid (2.6.1).apk
DOS (1.6.1).apk
doubleTwist (1.0).apk
Download Crutch Lite.apk
Dr. Droid (1.2).apk
DroidAnalytics (1.1.8).apk
Droidbox (2.011).apk
Droidbox Pro (2.014).apk
DroidLive Player (2.0.9).apk
DroidSwap (1.0).apk
DropboxMobile (1.1).apk
DropDown (1.1).apk
Dual Mount SD Widget (1.8.2).apk
dxTop - YupNub Widget (1.0.2).apk
dxTop (2.7.0).apk
Dynomaster (1.4).apk
Easy Metal Detector (1.11).apk
Easy Spirit Level Pro (1.1).apk
Easy Tie (1.5).apk
EasyMoney (1.4.4).apk
EasyTether (0.9.3).apk
eBay (
EBlue (1.0).apk
Electrum Drum Machine (2.7.4).apk
e-Mobile Radio (1.0).apk
Encrypter Pro (1.0).apk
Engadget (1.0.1).apk
Enigmanoid (0.4).apk
Eray Real Task Monitor (2.8.0).apk
Executive Assistant + (1.4.8).apk
Executive Ringtones (1.0.0002).apk
Express Yourself! Buttons (1.16).apk
Extended Controls (2.5).apk
Extreme Call Blocker (1.5.0).apk
EyeOnApps (1.2.10).apk
F1 Pocket 2010 (1.2).apk
FaBook Chat (1.5.8).apk
FaceBook (1.1.4).apk
FaceIt (1.9).apk
Fahrschule (DE) (1.3.1).apk
Fake-Call Me Pro (1.1.4).apk
Fast Food Calorie Counter.apk
Fast Reboot (1.0).apk
FBabble (0.9.5).apk
FBReader (0.5.20).apk
FC (1.1.18).apk
FeedR NewsReader (2.0.12).apk
File Cover (1.1.22).apk
Finance (1.0).apk
Fingerprint Scanner (1.3.5).apk
FingerScanner Pro (1.0).apk
FireWallet Pro (3.1.0).apk
FireWallet Pro Key.txt
FitSync (2.4).apk
Fix My WiFi (1.1).apk
FlashcardsLight (0.9.3a).apk
Flight Director (1.3.8).apk
FlightTrack (1.2.3).apk
Flip2Silent (1.0.5).apk
Flooring Calculator (2.0).apk
FolderOrganizer (2.2.1).apk
Font Flasher (7.0).apk
ForeFlight Weather (2.0).apk
FotMob 2009-2010 (3.0.1).apk
Fouroid S (1.3.0).apk
Foxy Photo Editor (1.0.4).apk
Free Memory (2.4.2).apk
FreeboxWifi Connect.apk
FreedHome Donate (0.9.2b).apk
Friend Stream Widget (1.0.0).apk
Fring (
Gallery Flan multitouch.apk
Gallery Flan.apk
Garden of WEEDen (2.8.1).apk
G-backup (1.9.1).apk
GBCoid (1.4.9).apk
GBlocker (2.0.7)
GDocs IO Extras (1.0.5).apk
Geldautomaten in der Naehe (1.08).apk
Genie News and Weather Widget.apk
Gentle Alarm (2.3.5).apk
Geodroid (0.8.2).apk
GeoMata Client (0.5a).apk
Gesture Search (1.0.1).apk
GestureCommander (1.0).apk
gEZTip (1.0.1).apk
Ghost Radar (2.1.6).apk
Glympse (1.0.2).apk
GOALS To-Do beta (1.3.0).apk
GolfCard (1.14.9).apk
Goodnight (2.0).apk
GoogHelper (1.0).apk
Google Buzz widget (1.0.0).apk
Google Earth voor Android 2.0.1.apk
Google IO 2010 (0.11).apk
Google Maps (4.2.0).apk
Google Sky Map.apk
Google Voice (0.3.2).apk
Google Voice Dialer (0.1.0).apk
Got to Do (1.2).apk
Gphone Manager (1.6.3).apk
GPS Car Park (3.1).apk
GPS Speedo (2.1).apk
GRE Droid Pro (3.2).apk
Greed (1.1.15).apk
Grocery King (3.1).apk
Gscript (1.1.2).apk
Gtalk Status Widget (1.4).apk
gTasks (0.3.50).apk
Guitarists Reference (1.0).apk
GV Dialer (0.1.0).apk
Handcent SMS (2.3.2).apk
Heat (1.0).apk
HelixLauncher (1.4b).apk
HelixLauncher2 (0.7b2).apk
HideNSeek (2.21).apk
HiFi MP3 & OGG Audio Recorder (1.9).apk
Hockey Nations 2010 (1.1).apk
Home Switcher (1.4).apk
Home++ (
HootSuite (1.0.5).apk
Hubroid (1.3).apk
ICE (1.8.9).apk
iFight Pro (1.2.8).apk
iHome-Full-Magical Experience (1.5.0).apk
IM+ (2.0.4).apk
Image Lock (1.6.5).apk
IMDB (3.0).apk
Implus Android.apk
iMusic Tao (1.2.25).apk
In Case of Emergency (1.1).apk
InstantRoot (1.04).apk
Intelligent Homescreen (16.0b).apk
IP Cam Viewer (2.4.7).apk
iPharmacy (2.1).apk
iQuran Pro (1.9.1).apk
iReader (
iSilo (5.12).apk
iSyncr (0.9.52).apk
iTrackMMA (2.8).apk
IVoice Browser (2.0).apk
iZen Lite (1.3).apk
Japanese Phrases with Audio (1.0).apk
jkAppSwitchEX (1.03.00).apk
JumbledUpBible (2.0.0).apk
Keep Screen.apk
KinderTube (1.4).apk
Kingsoft Powerword (1.0).apk
Kitten Cannon (1.0.31).apk
Klaxon Alarm (4.3.2).apk
Knowledge+ (1.1.5).apk
LangLearner Japanese (1.0).apk
LauncherPro (0.1.2b).apk
LearnPython (1.1.1).apk
LED Flashlight for Droid&Milestone (2.0).apk
Lightbox (2010-04-23).apk
Livo Recorder Pro (3.6.1).apk
Locate Me PRO (1.4).apk
Lock 2.0 (3.7).apk
Lock Delay (2.1.6).apk
LockBot Pro (1.13.3).apk
LogMeIn (1.1.48).apk
LokPixPro (1.17).apk
LOL Libs (1.8.0).apk
Loops! (2.2).apk
Lotto Check (1.0).apk
Loud Speaker (1.2).apk
Louder Volume Hack (3.6).apk
Lyric Search Pro (2.1).apk
Magic 8-Ball (1.5).apk
Manage (1.2).apk
MarketEnabler (3.0.8).apk
Math Alarm Clock (2.6.3).apk
Maverick Pro (1.1.9).apk
MediaServer Full (0.9.3).apk
Medical (2.1.9).apk
Megamillions Winning Numbers (1.5.3).apk
MemoryUp Professional (2.70).apk
Mens Health Workouts (1.4).apk
Menu Unlock (1.0).apk
Meridian Evolve.apk
Meridian Player Noble (0.15.0).apk
MessageNow (4.156).apk
MetaMorph Pro (
Midomi SoundHound (1.1.4).apk
MiKandi Adult App Store (2.0.2).apk
Mini Basketball Shot (1.3).apk
mkRemote (1.14).apk
MLB.com At Bat 2010 (1.0.4).apk
Mobile Package Tracker (1.4.1).apk
MobileWrite (1.1).apk
Moon Phase 4 (1.0).apk
MooZone Pro (1.35).apk
More Icons Widget (2.5.5).apk
Motion & Sound Alarm (1.7.1).apk
MountUSB Widget (1.4).apk
Move Cache for Root Users.apk
Movie Download (1.1).apk
Movies by Flixster (2.2.0).apk
Moxier Mail (2.5.0).apk
Mozilla Fennec (1.9.3 Official Pre-Alpha).apk
MP3 Download Pro (3.10).apk
MP3tagger Pro (1.8.4).apk
MultiReader (1.4.6).apk
Mundu IM Full (
Music Folder Player (2.5).apk
Music Magic! (7.3).apk
Musical Pro (4.0.1).apk
MusicOnline (1.9.5).apk
MusicSearch Pro (1.5.2).apk
MusicSleep (
mVideoPlayer (1.6.1).apk
My Collection Pro (1.5.16).apk
My Contacts Pro (2.0).apk
My Weather Watch (1.10).apk
MyBackup Pro (2.3.5).apk
myDAY (1.5.8).apk
MyFaves (1.6).apk
MySettings (1.0.1).apk
NASCam (1.0.1).apk
NBA Game Time 2009-10 (1.2.0).apk
NBA League Pass Mobile for Android (1.2.1).apk
Nesoid (1.10).apk
NetMeter (0.98).apk
Network Browser (1.2).apk
NetworkMapper (1.0.17).apk
News And Weather (1.2.02 - RC2).apk
Newsreader (1.0.7).apk
NewsRob Pro (1.0.1) (eerst de gratis NewsRob uit de Market installeren, dan deze .apk pas toepassen).apk
Newsroom Pro (1.7.0).apk
Newzbin Search (1.11).apk
NewzDroid (1.3).apk
NFL Mobile (2.1.23).apk
NightStand (1.2.0).apk
NinjaMorph (1.4).apk
NinjaMorph (3.0).apk
NOS Mobiel (
Note Everything Pro (1.2.0).apk
NotePad (1.0.0).apk
Nutshell (1.2.5).apk
nuTsie iTunes Music Player (1.0).apk
OfficeSuite Viewer (1.5).apk
OnOff Widgets Pack (1.3.1).apk
Open Gesture (1.7.3).apk
Open Home (4.9).apk
Opera Mini (5.0b).apk
OrbLive (1.37).apk
Orbot (011301.2).apk
Orkut (1.1).apk
PaintMe Pro (1.1.1).apk
Paperdroid Pro (1.1.4).apk
PayPal (1.1.3).apk
PGP Manager PRO (1.01).apk
Phantom Caller (2009.02.22).apk
Pharmacy Technician (1.0).apk
Phone (1.6).apk
Phone Widget (1.2).apk
PhoneLogger (1.1.0).apk
PhoneMyPC (1.0.16).apk
PhoneRecorder (1.1.3).apk
Photo Album Organizer (2.1).apk
Photo Burst Pro (1.0.0).apk
Photo Frame Deluxe (4.0).apk
Photo Gallery Widget (2.0).apk
Photo Safe License (1.0.0).apk
PhotoBeam Pro (2.0.8).apk
PhotoClock (1.5).apk
Photoshop.com Mobile (1.0.0).apk
PhotoSpeak (1.0.1).apk
PhotoVault (2.6.0).apk
PhraseBook 18-in-1 (1.0.2).apk
PicSay Pro - Photo Editor (
Places Directory (1.0.13).apk
PocketDJ Pro (2.2.5).apk
Police Radio (1.3.5).apk
PornHub Download (1.1).apk
Portable Alarm (1.2).apk
Power Manager (1.6.1).apk
Power Widget (1.1).apk
PowerTime Widget (1.6.3).apk
PrivusMobile (1.6.3).apk
PRO Zoom Camera 5X (1.92).apk
Process Manager (1.3.0).apk
Production Meeting (1.01).apk
Profile (1.3.0).apk
Protector (1.4).apk
Pulldown Editor (3.0).apk
Punch Clock Droid (1.5.3).apk
Pure Calendar Widget (1.9.2).apk
Pure Calender (1.5.6).apk
Pure Grid Calendar Widget (1.3.6).apk
Pure Messenger Widget (1.5.7).apk
Pure Music Widget (1.1.0).apk
Quick Alarm Plus (1.2.2).apk
Quick App Clean Cache (1.8.2).apk
Quick Dial (2.5.1).apk
Quick Profiles Pro (1.1.1 ).apk
Quick Voice Alerts (1.1.2).apk
Radardroid2 (2.00).apk
Radio Live Pro (1.0).apk
Radio RIP (1.0.1).apk
RadioTime (2.1).apk
Reader Widget Pro (2.6).apk
ReaderScope (1.1).apk
Real Time Lie Catcher (1.1).apk
Reboot Control Widget (1.31).apk
ReceiptWallet (1.0.2).apk












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700+ All Android Paid Apps

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