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Escape: Dead Island (2014) RePack by xatab
2014 | PC | Developer : Fatshark | Publisher : Deep Silver | 2.65GB
Language : Russian / English
Genre : Action

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Escape: Dead Island (2014) RePack by Let'sPlay
2014 | PC | Developer : Fatshark | Publisher : Deep Silver | 1.78GB
Language : Russian / English
Genre : Action

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 (2014) (1.0.1) Repack RG Catalyst
2014 | PC | Developer : Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo | Publisher : Konami Digital Entertainment | 3.31GB
Language : English / Russian
Genre : Sport (Soccer) / 3D

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Release name: Nimbus-PROPHET

Size: 280.23 MB

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Dungeon of the Endless (2014) SteamRip RG Gamers
2014 | PC | Developer : Amplitude Studios | Publisher : Amplitude Studios | 418MB
Language : English, German, French, Russian
Genre : rpg , tower defense , 2D , TOP-down

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This War of Mine (2014) RePack RG Mechanics
2014 | PC | Developer : 11 bit studios | Publisher : 11 bit studios | 608MB
Language : Russian, English, French, German, Polish, Italian, Brazilian - Portuguese
Genre : adventure

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Release name: Kings.Bounty.Crossworlds.MULTi7-PROPHET

Size: 4.84 GB

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Release name: Rollers.of.the.Realm-SKIDROW

Size: 611.93 MB

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Release Name: Alien_Isolation_USA_PS3-CLANDESTiNE
Size: 8.19 GB

Publisher: SEGA
Developer: Creative Assembly
Genre: Action

Discover the true meaning of fear in Alien: Isolation, a survival horror set in an atmosphere of constant dread and mortal danger. Fifteen years after the events of Alien™, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda enters a desperate battle for survival, on a mission to unravel the truth behind her mother’s disappearance.

As Amanda, you will navigate through an increasingly volatile world as you find yourself confronted on all sides by a panicked, desperate population and an unpredictable, ruthless Alien.

Underpowered and underprepared, you must scavenge resources, improvise solutions and use your wits, not just to succeed in your mission, but to simply stay alive.


Overcome an ever-present deadly threat – Experience persistent fear as a truly dynamic and reactive Alien uses its senses to hunt you down and respond to your every move.

Improvise to survive – Hack systems, scavenge for vital resources and craft items to deal with each situation. Will you evade your enemies, distract them or face them head on?

Explore a world of mystery and betrayal – Immerse yourself in the detailed setting of Sevastopol, a decommissioned trading station on the fringes of space. Encounter a rich cast of inhabitants in a world scarred by fear and mistrust.

When she left Earth, Ellen Ripley promised her daughter Amanda she would return home for her 11th birthday. Amanda never saw her again.

Fifteen years later, Amanda, now a Weyland-Yutani employee, hears that the flight recorder of her mother’s ship, the Nostromo, has been recovered at the remote trading station Sevastopol. The temptation for her to finally understand what happened is too much to resist. When the crew arrive at Sevastopol, they find something is desperately wrong. It all seems to be connected to an unknown menace, stalking and killing deep in the shadows.

In order to uncover the truth about her mother, Amanda is forced to confront the same terrifying thing that separated them.

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Release name: Construction.Simulator.2015-CODEX
Size 938MB

Publisher: astragon Software GmbH
Developer: weltenbauer. Software Entwicklung GmbH
Genre: Casual, Simulation

Description: In Construction Simulator 2015, you take the controls of 15 realistic construction machines made by Liebherr, Still, and MAN with high-quality 3D graphics.


  • Over 200 working stages in over 150 different missions ensure hours of enjoyment
  • 15 realistic construction machines made by LIEBHERR, MAN and STILL
  • Realistic vehicle controls – e.g. SAE controls for excavators supported
  • Realistic sound effects recorded from the original machines
  • Multiplayer mode
  • For beginners and pros: freely switch between arcade and pro controls
  • Expansive, freely navigable world with diverse areas and districts
  • Numerous dealers and suppliers that you can visit
  • Detailed tutorial ensures a smooth start in the game
  • Non-linear dynamic mission system provides endless gaming enjoyment
  • Acquire a property developer license and become a real estate magnate
  • For DIY fans: the modding of construction sites and vehicles is fully supported
  • Experience system with numerous levels that allow you to unlock special missions
  • Popular gamepads, steering wheels, and joysticks are supported


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