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Boogie SuperStar Pal WII Scrubbed Internal-SCRUBS

Boogie SuperStar Pal WII Scrubbed Internal-SCRUBS
English | Platform: Wii | Release: 17 Oct 2008 | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Developer: EA Games | 1.419 GB
Genre: Music

Turbo: Super Stunt Squad is a high-velocity action game featuring the super-charged crew of characters from the upcoming film. Each playable character has its own signature street style and tricked-out skills which will come in handy when showing-off and earning respect with jumps, drifts, grinds, flips and other super-cool stunt moves. Expert skills will also prove useful to earn power-ups, customize your character, win competitive challenges and discover shortcuts in the dynamic larger-than-life environments of Turbo's world.

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