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Best New Music Week 17 Legend-Rg

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Best New Music Week 17  Legend-Rg

Disc 1

Belly - Sleepless Nights 1.5 (2012)
Best Dance Hits 2012
Bill Evans - Dragonfly
Bobby Bare - Hard Time Hungrys The Winner and Other Losers (2012)
Counting Crows – Underwater Sunshine (Or What We Did On Our Summer
Cascada - Back on the Dancefloor (2012)
Destine - Illuminate (2012)
Devin - Romancing (2012)
Don Ross - Upright and Locked Position (2012)
Faithless - Passing the Baton (2012)
Fields Of The Nephilim - Ceromonies (2012)
Future - Pluto (2012)
Jason Mraz - Love is a Four Letter Word (2012)
Johnny Cash - The Soul of Truth Bootleg Vol IV (2012)

Legend-Rg prides itself on the great untouched pal dvdr's that are pre - releases to which they have a solid provider

They also pride themselves on their music collections, top 40's and off course the Legend Multi collection (must be the longest running now)!!!!

If you would like more info about the group and their release then please LOOK FOR US
If u have anything to offer us drop us an email @  home-of-legend@gmx.com
Kristina Maria - Tell The World (2012)
Lil B 'The BasedGod' - The Basedprint 2 (2012)

Disc 2

Pitchben – Stand Up Remixes
StreetDance 2 (Original Soundtrack)
Tetuna - Crazy Trips (2012)
The Heartbreaks - Funtimes (2012)
Train - California 37 (2012)
Urban Floorfillers - Various
The U.K Top 40 Singles 15-04-2012
VA - 100 Pure Miami (2012)
VA - Chill Out Vibes (2012)
VA - Deep House Club, Vol. 4 (2012)
VA - Dubstep VS Drum and Bass
VA - Miami Nights A Late Night Magic City Ride (2012)
VA - Royal Dance 2012
Viva! Beats Presents Karma Cafe 2012





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