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Erotic Music for Sex and Lust

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You can go around and ask any freelance writer if you want; they’ll tell you a list of fears they had to overcome when they were a beginner. However, as a beginner, you need to do your best to overcome all your fears and pour out the ideas from your heart. Fear has prevented so many people from achieving their dreams. All you need to do is - write. Write till you get some experience. You are probably familiar with this thought – Experience is the best teacher. And also, be confident. Read on to know the fears of writing articles and ways to overcome them.

Fear of Rejection

This is probably the most common among all fears of writing and – the worst. It is likely for everyone freelancer writer to think that no one will appreciate his article. But, you need to remove that thought from your mind, because, it is enough for you to give up your job. Just keep on writing and one or the other person will definitely like your work. If you walk into a library, you can find numerous books of writers who experienced rejection almost every time. But look where they stand now – among the highest authors. Remember that a winner never gave up.

Fear of revealing too much

This fear is probably the one you weren’t aware of. Sometimes, when you finished your articles, you might look at it and think whether you’ve revealed too much of you. The stories you write might sometimes be related to your friends and family members. You might fear that your friends would see through the characters and therefore, through you. However, you need not worry about it. Because, though you might have penned down about people whom you don’t like, you would have also written about people whom you care for. So, even if some disagree with you, readers will be touched by your story.

Fear of having nothing to say

When you are writing an article, you might suddenly run out of thoughts. But don’t feel depressed. You haven’t got a single clue when a great idea would spark into you. So it is well and good to have a pen and paper at hand. Don’t skip to note down the idea thinking that you would remember. Because, most of the times, you are likely to forget. This way you can stack up all your ideas and prepare your articles.

Fear of thinking that your story sucks

Many a times, this happens. You have the story written down, but still, you don’t feel like publishing it. You might hate the words or you might dislike your own ideas. Just keep in mind that there is no need for you to be perfect. As a beginner, all you need to do is to correct your grammar and spelling to your maximum possibility. And try to be clear in whatever you write. You can also read it out to your friend and get his/her opinion and makes changes if you want.

Fear that you have no support

Don’t be disappointed if your family doesn’t support you when you announce that you want be a freelance writer. It is very uncommon to find friends and family encouraging you to write when there are thousands of other jobs in the world. In case they do agree and encourage, then, you’re unbelievably lucky. Just give them some time and make them realize that you’re going to help many people even by penning down a single article and they’ll finally come around.

Freelancing is really an excellent way to earn your living and you’ve got to start right now if you haven’t yet. And don’t write for the sake of writing. Write from your heart keeping in mind that many people will benefit from your article. Expand the horizons of your freelancers with ContentCloud.

About The Author: Kelly is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and traveling. She contributes for World Financial Group


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- AntiMosquitoes

- AutoLock

- BB Light

- BB Weather

- ColorPearlHalloween

- Device Info Utility

- Emap4BB

- emobileGPS Companion

- FileExplorer

- FlipSide

- MoneyManager

- Ringo

- SBHacker

- Spell N Dial


- Led BlackBerry Alerts

- MobiReader

- My Alarm

- TimeCalendar

- XPlayer

And So Much More !


2. GAMES :

- Rooster

- Fly Fighter

- Sky Force

- Bejeweled

- Benjydup

- Bermuda

- Bomberman !

- Bowling

- Street Fighter

- CS

- Championship 2007

- Football 08

- Hamster

- Mario

- MM Reversi

- Ninja

- Pikachu

- Poker

And So Much More



- Mini Opera

- JiveTalk

- MFRadio

- RadioBee

- Skype

- WebMessenger

And So Much More !



- iPhone !

- LeopardToday

- Orchid

- Cartoony

- CoachZen

- Hammy

- South Park

- Zion – X

- Vista

- Apple Tree Zen

Toxic Templates Collection 2: Expectation for After Effects
Toxic Templates Collection 2: Expectation for After Effects | 2.45 GB
A new set of unique projects for Adobe After Effects
Format:. Aep (CS4 and above) Number of Projects: 15 pcs


Trainer: Edward Tanguay | Publication date: Feb 11, 2010
Duration: 3 hrs 15 min | ISO

PHP is a language that has one of the widest spectrums of users today: on the one end beginners who want to put a couple lines of dynamic content into their web sites, and on the other hand teams of enterprise developers who run high-traffic internet e-commerce systems.

PHP is also the language behind some of the web's most useful and game-changing software, such as WordPress. In this workshop, professional developer Edward Tanguay will show programmers how to get started with PHP. You'll learn how to install PHP on your computer with XAMPP and how to install and use the free and popular Eclipse editor. Then you'll learn the basics of the PHP language and how to use your PHP skills to create web site forms, which will put you well on your way to building functional and interactive web sites with PHP. (Note: This title was originally published as part of Edward?s "PHP 5.3: Advanced Web Programming" course.)

[Android] Igo 2012 Europe 8.4.3 [Multilingual]

[Android] Igo 2012 Europe 8.4.3 [Multilingual] | 2.49 GB

Big Exclusive Popular Fonts Collection
TTF + OTF | 700+ Beautiful Fonts | File Size 46.35 mb

Videohive After Effects Project - Flares Transition Bundle 4
Videohive After Effects Project - Flares Transition Bundle 4 | 662 MB
Permission: 1920x1080 | format : mov+alpha | Quantity: 21 pieces

Demo: http://videohive.net/item/flares-transition-bundle-4/519476
Video Features:
– 20 VIDEOS (10 – 1 second & 10 – 3 seconds)
– 1920×1080p
– 29.97 fps
– Alpha Channel

12 Best Themes for Windows 7
12 Best Themes for Windows 7
OS : Windows 7 | Year : 2012 | 377 MB
This download included 12 of the most popular themes for Windows 7.

There could be various reasons as to why one would want to change the IP address of one's computer but usually it happens due to IP address conflicts. IP address of one's computer could be dynamic or static. Dynamic IP addresses are easy to change while changing static IP addresses would require one to call the ISP and request for the same.

Broadly the following steps most effectively assist the user in changing one's IP address:

1. Turning off the computer

Step1: Turn off the computer and disconnect it from all the cables and modems for five minutes.

Step2: Restart the computer, a new IP address is now assigned to the computer automatically.

Step3: If Step2 does not work, keep your computer off for about 8 hours and then restart it. This usually changes the IP address.

2. Changing the IP address manually

The following steps are suitable for Windows XP operating system:

Step1: Click the windows start option.

Step2: Click the "Run" option.

Step3: Type the command "cmd" without quotes.

Step4: Type "ipconfig/release" at the command prompt.

Step5: Now type "ipconfig/renew" command.

This takes care of the IP address. The new IP address is automatically assigned.

3. If the computer is networked with Router the following steps should be attempted:

Step 1: Log on to the router's admin console.

Step2: Release the IP address, this method may vary depending on the make of the "router".

Step3: Turn off the router, Ethernet hubs, switches and cable or DSL modems.

Step4: Leave the computer off overnight.

Step5: When the computer is restarted a new IP address comes to effect.

4. Alternatively, the following steps would yield the same results

Step1: Hit the "Start" button and then go to "Settings".

Step2: Now chose the "Network Connections" option.

Step3: In the option menu you will come across the "Local Area Connection" tab.

Step4: Select it and hit the "disable" button on right click.

Step5: Wait for the process to complete and now hit the "enable" button again.

5. For Windows Vista operating system

Step1: Click the "Start" button.

Step2: Now right click on the "Networks" tab and then go to "Properties".

Step3: Chose the "Network and Sharing Center".

Step4: Now right click on your network card and hit "diagnose".

Step5: Now on the "Windows Network Diagnostics" window click "Reset Network adapter".

Step6: Allow the permission to continue at the prompt.

6. The following steps are suitable for Windows 7 operating system

Step1: Click the windows "Start" option.

Step2: Click the "Accessories" option.

Step3: Click the "command prompt option".

Step3: Type the command "cmd" without quotes.

Step4: Type "ipconfig/release" at the command prompt.

Step5: Now type "ipconfig/renew" command.

7. The following steps should be followed for Mac operating system

Step1: On the Mac screen, click the "Apple Logo".

Step2: Now click the "System preferences" tab.

Step3: Locate the "Internet and Wireless" section and then click on the "network" icon.

Step4: Hit the "Advanced" tab located at the bottom right corner.

Step5: Click the TCP/IP tab.


About the author: Kelly is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of technology. Recently an article on astro gaming attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on Maruti Swift.