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Journey of a Roach (2013) Multi2 RePack by R.G. mechanics
2013 | PC | Developer: Koboldgames | Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment | 253MB
Language : RUS | ENG
Genre : Action

Nuclear war , post-apocalyptic atmosphere , dry and lifeless wasteland. Lifeless ? It's not so easy! Insects mutants , making a nest in the shelter , eager to learn new world. New adventure game interface " point and click " invites you to visit a crazy world last days and make the company Jim and Badu in their journey .


Batman: Arkham Origins (2013) Multi2 v1.0 upd8 Rip by RG Games
2013 | PC | Developer: WB Games Montréal | Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Steam | 9.31GB
Language: Russian, English
Sound Language: English
Genre: Action / 3D / 3rd Person / Stealth

"Batman: Arkham Chronicle" - the third edition of the famous series Batman: Arkham. You again have to go to a gloomy Gotham. However, this time you can take part in the events anticipated the Batman: Arkham Asylum and «Batman: Arkham City." The game takes place a few years before the infamous mutiny. Batman is just starting a career secret crime fighter, he is young and inexperienced, and it will only become the Dark Knight, we know ...


Shadowrun Returns (2013) Multi2 Repack by makst
2013 | PC | Developer : Harebrained Schemes | Publisher : Harebrained Schemes | 950MB
Language: Russian , English
Language: English
Genre : Adventure / RPG / Strategy / Indie

In the yard in 2054 . Magic returned to the world , prompting powerful creatures of myth and legend.Mir where technology merge with the body and mind. Elves , trolls, orcs and dwarves walk among us , while ruthless corporation drains bloody world .


F1 2012 (2012) multi2 v1.3.3.0 upd12 Repack by z10yded
2012 | PC | Developer: Codemasters Studios Birmingham | Publisher: Codemasters | 4.35GB
Language: Russian, English
Voice set Language: Russian, English
Genre: Racing / Simulator / 3D

F1 2012 - this is a new part of the world-famous series of racing games. In this game, each player will be able to feel like a Formula 1 racer. You will not only participate in the race, but also to give interviews to reporters, to improve his car to build relationships with your team and do everything to become the number one rider! mode champions will meet you real racers - Kimi Raikkonen, Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher.


Aarklash: Legacy (2013) Multi2 ( upd1) Repack z10yded
2013 | PC | Developer : Cyanide Studio Publisher : Cyanide Studio | 1GB
Language : Englisk, French
Language voice : English
Genre : Strategy (Real-time / Turn-based / Tactical) / 3D

Aarklash: Legacy will be based on the board game Confrontation and will be continuing her computer. The players will tell the story about a group of mercenaries who are sent to perform one very risky job. As a result of their adventure was delayed so that the option to step back and come back for the award did not exist.


Cry Of Fear (2012/Multi2/RePack by z0x)
2012 | PC | english/Russian | Developers: Team Psykskallar | 1.02GB
Genre: Horror Survivial

A real feast for fans of horror games. The group of fans, under the name Team Psykskallar, has created one of the most ambitious horror games in the past few years. Excellent graphics, if we take into account that this is a redesigned engine Half Life, to the atmosphere of horror, well chosen music, non linear storyline with multiple endings, the presence of puzzles in the best tradition of the first parts of Silent Hill, co op through the game, as well as the real horror that you will accompanied throughout the game.


Battlefield Vietnam (2004/MULTI2/RePack from Canek77)
Year: 2004 | PC | Eng Rus | Developer: Digital Illusions Canada | Publisher: Electronic Arts | 1.36 Gb
Genre: Action , 3D , 1st Person, 3rd Person

Battlefield - the continuation of the cult multiplayer shooter, which surpassed all the other parts. 14 scenarios based on the most important battles of the war in the jungle, villages, ruined cities and water spaces. The huge maps with lots of objects and small parts, invigorating landscape. New types of games and tactics of guerrilla warfare. Viet Cong with 'Kalash' on the UAZ, "Katyusha", armored personnel carriers, helicopters Mi-8, T-54 tanks and MiG-17 and 21 against the "imperialist aggressors", with a full set of armor and weapons, well-known in Hollywood films. Advanced single player mode against bots. Stunning soundtrack of anti-war American artists 60s. Battlefield Vietnam - a time machine, transports the players 40 years ago in Southeast Asia

Dragon Age 2 + 16 DLC (2011/MULTi2/RePack by Fenixx)
PC | ENG/RUS | Developer: BioWare | Publisher: Electronic Arts | 2011 | 5.09 GB
Genre: RPG / 3D / 3rd Person

In a new journey of mystery and full of dangers Dragon Age fantasy world player will act as a simple refugee named Hawk, doing its utmost to protect his family from an unforgiving Mora. Fates decreed it was he who will be the main protector of the city Kirkvolla.