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Open Source For You - January 2014 (True PDF)

Open Source For You - January 2014 (True PDF)
English | 112 pages | True PDF | 47.00 Mb
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Launched in January 2003, Open Source For You is a complete magazine on open source, and is today a big hit with those who love FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). The magazine carries tech articles on Linux and open source for newbies, administrators, developers and fans of open source. Its main objective, however, is to help organisations enhance their return on investment (RoI) by deploying Linux (or open source) solutions.

Open Source For You - February 2013


Open Source For You - February 2013

English | 112 pages | True PDF | 24.00 Mb


See my irfree blog for wonderful magazine,E-book and wallpaper :



Linux For You Magazine: LINUX For You is the latest publication from the EFY Group. With it's first issue in January 2003, this magazine caters to newbies, power-users, administrators, developers and those belonging to the IT industry. It's main goal is to enhance the return on investment (RoI) for organizations by deploying Linux (or open-source) solutions. Accompanied by a FREE CD, which carries source code, white-papers, software tools, Linux distributions, and even games -- the magazine aims to provide complete solution for deployment of Linux.


Funambol Mobile Open Source
English | 272 pages | ISBN-10: 1847191541 | PDF | 7.05 MB


Lakshman Bulusu, Open Source Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
English | ISBN: 1439816409 | 2012 | 432 pages | PDF | 6 MB


Mondrian in Action - Open source business analytics By William D. Back, Nicholas Goodman, Julian Hyde
2013 | 288 Pages | ISBN: 161729098X | EPUB + PDF | 8 MB + 12 MB


Choosing an Open Source CMS - Beginner's Guide By Nirav Mehta
2009 | 340 Pages | ISBN: 1847196225 | PDF | 11 MB

Handbook of Research on Open Source Software: Technological, Economic, and Social Perspectives (PDF)
2007 | pages: 400 | ISBN: 1591409993 | PDF | 6,7 mb


Pi - A Source Book, 2nd edition
English | 752 Pages | ISBN: 0387989463 , 1475732422 | PDF | 58 Mb

The Design Source - April/May 2012

The Design Source - April/May 2012
English | True PDF | 100 pages | 26.3 MB

The House where Gandhi lived The Perfect Ensuite BAthroom Mega Dream House Vaastu Green Designs for the future Bringing in the garden products-kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, decor, artefacts, furniture, accessories, lighting, faucets, sinks, ceiling , flooring etc...


David Wilcock - The Source Field Investigations
ENGLISH | 1280x720 | MP42 | 29.970fps 1078Kbps | aac 44.1KHz | 1.31 GB

Based on a hugely popular Internet documentary, this exploration of historic signs and symbolism determines what the future holds for humanity come 2012.