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Archer 2009 S05 1080p WEB-DL DD5 1 H 264-iT00NZ
Show summary : Archer was a detective drama based on the novels of Ross Macdonald.

Release name: Archer 2009 S05 1080p WEB-DL DD5 1 H 264-iT00NZ

Some Mothers Do Ave Em Complete Series Plus Christmas Specials DVDRip H264 (BINGOWINGZ-UKB-RG)

Release name: Some Mothers Do Ave Em Complete Series Plus Christmas Specials DVDRip H264 (BINGOWINGZ-UKB-RG)


The Walking Dead S04 480p WEB DL nSD x264-NhaNc3

Total Size: 7.8 GB (16 EP)

The Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic horror drama television series developed by Frank Darabont. It is based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. The series stars Andrew Lincoln as sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes, who awakens from a coma to find a post-apocalyptic world dominated by flesh-eating zombies. He sets out to find his family and encounters many other survivors along the way.

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The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead  Seasons 2



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The second season begins with Rick and his group of survivors' escaping the CDC. They decide Fort Benning will be their next destination. Along the way, they encounter a traffic jam of abandoned vehicles on Interstate 85. The group loots several vehicles but is forced to hide under them as a large herd of walkers approaches. A walker chases Carol's daughter, Sophia, out from her hiding spot and, with another walker, pursues her into the woods. Rick finds her but loses her again after drawing off the walkers. While searching for Sophia, a hunter named Otis accidentally shoots Carl. To get help for him, Otis leads Rick and Shane to a large, isolated farm owned by a veterinarian named Hershel Greene, then helps Shane look for medical supplies at the local high school. After getting them, Shane injures his leg and sacrifices Otis to the walkers so he can get away. The survivors then move to the farm while Carl recovers, trying to coexist with Hershel's family, but dangerous secrets and disagreements over leadership cause tensions to rise. Lori is revealed to be pregnant (she is not sure whether Rick or Shane is the father), and Glenn builds a romantic relationship with Maggie, Hershel's elder daughter. Glenn also discovers the barn is full of walkers, some of whom are Hershel's family members. After Shane releases the walkers to be exterminated, Sophia emerges from the barn, as a walker, and Rick reluctantly shoots her.

Hershel disappears to grieve for his family. Rick and Glenn find him drinking at a local tavern, where they meet two other survivors. The situation rapidly turns sour, and Rick kills the two men in a gunfight. The dead men's group quickly finds and opens fire on Rick, Hershel, and Glenn at the bar. The noise attracts a large herd of walkers, and one of the attackers, Randall, is injured and left behind. Rick and the others take him back to the farm, where they realize Randall is likely to reveal the farm's location to his former group. As Rick and the others deliberate about what to do with Randall, a walker fatally wounds Dale, forcing Daryl to euthanize him. The group later conducts a search for Randall, whom Shane had secretly released and murdered in the woods. Daryl and Glenn find Randall — as a walker — and kill him. Daryl concludes that Randall died from a broken neck (rather than a walker's bite or scratch) and subsequently reanimated.

Meanwhile, Shane and Rick confront each other — the former having planned the fake search so he could murder Rick. Rick gets the upper hand and stabs Shane in the torso, killing him. Carl arrives just in time to see Shane reanimate as a walker and shoots him down. The gunshot attracts a large herd of other walkers, who quickly overrun the property. In the ensuing battle and escape, Jimmy and Patricia are devoured, and Andrea is left behind. Andrea survives on her own and is later rescued by a hooded woman accompanied by chained, armless walkers. The remaining survivors regroup but are forced to make camp when their vehicles run low on gasoline. After hearing of Randall's fate, Rick finally reveals what Jenner whispered to him at the CDC: every survivor is infected with the walker virus. As the group questions Rick's leadership later that night, a large prison looms in a pan out of the final scene.

The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead  Seasons 1


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The series begins with sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes' being wounded in a shootout with armed criminals. He awakens weeks later from a coma in an abandoned and badly damaged hospital. Upon leaving, Rick discovers a post-apocalyptic world overrun with zombies (or "walkers", as they are often referred to in-show). Rick also discovers his wife and son are missing, and he encounters two survivors — Morgan Jones and his son Duane — who explain the situation to him. Acting on a rumor the two had heard, he arms himself and begins a perilous journey to Atlanta, Georgia, where the CDC is said to have set up a quarantined safe-zone in the city. Upon reaching Atlanta, he soon discovers the city has instead been overrun by walkers.

A few miles outside the city, Rick's wife Lori and son Carl have been hiding from the walkers with Shane Walsh, Rick's partner and best friend, who has fallen in love with Lori. They have established a camp with a small group of fellow survivors. After being rescued from Atlanta by members of the group and reunited with Lori and Carl, Rick assumes command with Shane. A band of walkers eventually attacks the camp and kills several people. Most of the survivors flee to seek aid from the CDC, one family sets off on their own to find their relatives, and Jim — who sustained a walker's bite — was left on the road, at his request.

In the CDC, all but one staff member, Dr. Edwin Jenner, have either fled or committed suicide. Dr. Jenner explains that his research into the infection has not yielded a cure, and he has not been in contact with anyone for a long while. Lack of fuel for the emergency generators soon initiates the building's safety protocols, which will trigger an explosion designed to destroy the facility and prevent the escape of deadly diseases. Jenner and Jacqui, a member of Rick's group, decide to stay and end their struggle. Dr. Jenner whispers something into Rick's ear, and the group escapes just as the CDC is incinerated in the explosion.

Noddy Collection
Total Size: 6.74GB

This Pack Contains:
001.Make Way For Noddy - A Grey Day in Toy Town.mp4 - 99.91 MiB
002.Make Way For Noddy - Bumpy Dog's Day.mp4 - 99.92 MiB
003.Make Way For Noddy - Dinah's Day Out.mp4 - 50.05 MiB
004.Make Way For Noddy - Martha Monkey's Banana Pie.mp4 - 99.89 MiB
005.Make Way For Noddy - Miss Pink Cat's Country Adventure.mp4 - 50.06 MiB
006.Make Way For Noddy - A Surprise for Tessie Bear.mp4 - 69.97 MiB
007.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy And The Broken Dishes.mp4 - 99.91 MiB
008.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy and The Magic Bagpipes.mp4 - 90.11 MiB
009.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy's House of Cards.mp4 - 38.57 MiB
010.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy And The Naughty Box.mp4 - 99.87 MiB
011.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy and The New Taxi.mp4 - 89.91 MiB
012.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy Builds A Rocket Ship.mp4 - 99.95 MiB
013.Make Way For Noddy - Don't be scared, Noddy.mp4 - 79.88 MiB
014.Make Way For Noddy - Googleberry Moon.mp4 - 99.91 MiB
015.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy Has a Visitor.mp4 - 89.99 MiB
016.Make Way For Noddy - Master Tubby's Chocolate Dream.mp4 - 84.95 MiB
017.Make Way For Noddy - Policeman for a Day.mp4 - 59.92 MiB
018.Make Way For Noddy - The Magic Powder.mp4 - 100 MiB
019.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy Goes Shopping.avi - 111.3 MiB
020.Make Way For Noddy - The Out-of-Control Tower.mp4 - 90.1 MiB
021.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy's Car Trouble.mp4 - 99.9 MiB
022.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy's Lucky Day.mp4 - 90.09 MiB
023.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy's perfect Gift.mp4 - 89.99 MiB
024.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy's wake up call.mp4 - 50.1 MiB
025.Make Way For Noddy - Skittle in the Middle.mp4 - 99.88 MiB
026.Make Way For Noddy - The big sneeze.mp4 - 50.04 MiB
027.Make Way For Noddy - The magic rubber.mp4 - 50.01 MiB
028.Make Way For Noddy - Too Many Noddies.mp4 - 99.88 MiB
029.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy's car loses its voice.mp4 - 47.65 MiB
030.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy saves christmas.mp4 - 199.81 MiB
031.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy And The Magical Moondust.mp4 - 199.93 MiB
032.Make Way For Noddy - The Bumper Monster.mp4 - 35.17 MiB
033.Make Way For Noddy - A Bike for Big Ears.mp4 - 39.67 MiB
034.Make Way For Noddy - The Voice of Mr Plod.mp4 - 36.11 MiB
035.Make Way For Noddy - Master Tubby's Opposite Day.mp4 - 36.64 MiB
036.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy's Special Treat.mp4 - 37.18 MiB
037.Make Way For Noddy - Bounce alert in toyland.mp4 - 45.46 MiB
038.Make Way For Noddy - Catch a falling star.mp4 - 37.63 MiB
039.Make Way For Noddy - Clockwork Mouse's wish.mp4 - 50.19 MiB
040.Make Way For Noddy - Driving miss pink cat.mp4 - 51.53 MiB
041.Make Way For Noddy - Hold on to your hat.mp4 - 45.94 MiB
042.Make Way For Noddy - Master Tubby's name game.mp4 - 47.2 MiB
043.Make Way For Noddy - Mr Plod's Little problem.mp4 - 40.87 MiB
044.Make Way For Noddy - Mr Plot and the jail bird.mp4 - 41.36 MiB
045.Make Way For Noddy - Mr Sparks and the broken clock.mp4 - 44.14 MiB
046.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy and the magic sounds cup.mp4 - 54.65 MiB
047.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy and the treasure map.mp4 - 45.67 MiB
048.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy and the Island Adventure.mp4 - 87.21 MiB
049.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy's lucky day.mp4 - 41.53 MiB
050.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy's on the move.mp4 - 46.93 MiB
051.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy's perfect gift.mp4 - 44.71 MiB
052.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy's pet chicken.mp4 - 47.44 MiB
053.Make Way For Noddy - Shelf help.mp4 - 46.74 MiB
054.Make Way For Noddy - The Big Chicken Roundup.mp4 - 50.77 MiB
055.Make Way For Noddy - The flower thief.mp4 - 46.37 MiB
056.Make Way For Noddy - The Goblings and the invisible paint.mp4 - 45.92 MiB
057.Make Way For Noddy - The Goblin's stopwatch.mp4 - 55.2 MiB
058.Make Way For Noddy - The Rainbow Chaser.mp4 - 38.37 MiB
059.Make Way For Noddy - Tickled pink.mp4 - 45.16 MiB
060.Make Way For Noddy - Toy town's winning team.mp4 - 45.41 MiB
061.Make Way For Noddy - What strange weather.mp4 - 46.93 MiB
062.Make Way For Noddy - Above it all.mp4 - 39.16 MiB
063.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy and the funny pictures.mp4 - 46.79 MiB
064.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy and the lost tool.mp4 - 40.09 MiB
065.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy and the skittles.mp4 - 46.57 MiB
066.Make Way For Noddy - Bumpy dog's visit.mp4 - 39.55 MiB
067.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy gets lost.mp4 - 47.29 MiB
068.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy helps out.mp4 - 46.31 MiB
069.Make Way For Noddy - Noddy the artist.mp4 - 46.63 MiB
070.Make Way For Noddy - The tell-tale bell.mp4 - 39.1 MiB
071.Make Way For Noddy - Up, Up and away.mp4 - 45.79 MiB
072.Make Way For Noddy - Dont be Late, Noddy.mp4 - 29.71 MiB
073.Make Way For Noddy - Good Neighbour Noddy.mp4 - 29.71 MiB
074.Noddy Series - Noddy and the Fishing Rod.mp4 - 35.35 MiB
075.Noddy Series - Noddy and the Warm Scarf.mp4 - 30.44 MiB
076.Noddy Series - Noddy the Champion.mp4 - 35.45 MiB
077.Noddy Series - Noddy and His Bell.mp4 - 48.15 MiB
078.Noddy Series - Noddy and Martha Monkey.mp4 - 48.37 MiB
079.Noddy Series - Noddy and the Broken Bicycle.mp4 - 48.16 MiB
080.Noddy Series - Noddy and the Goblins.mp4 - 47.85 MiB
081.Noddy Series - Noddy and the Kite.mp4 - 47.96 MiB
082.Noddy Series - Noddy and the Magic Night.mp4 - 48.69 MiB
083.Noddy Series - Noddy and the Milkman.mp4 - 48.16 MiB
084.Noddy Series - Noddy and the Naughty Tail.mp4 - 47.98 MiB
085.Noddy Series - Noddy and the Pouring Rain.mp4 - 48.05 MiB
086.Noddy Series - Noddy and the Special Key.mp4 - 48.36 MiB
087.Noddy Series - Noddy and the Useful Rope.mp4 - 48.07 MiB
088.Noddy Series - Noddy Borrows an Umbrella.mp4 - 48 MiB
089.Noddy Series - Noddy Cheers Up Big Ears.mp4 - 47.89 MiB
090.Noddy Series - Noddy Delievers Some Parcels.mp4 - 48.23 MiB
091.Noddy Series - Noddy Finds a Furry Tail.mp4 - 48.18 MiB
092.Noddy Series - Noddy Gets a Job.mp4 - 48.18 MiB
093.Noddy Series - Noddy Goes Shopping.mp4 - 48.02 MiB
094.Noddy Series - Noddy Has a Bad Day.mp4 - 48.76 MiB
095.Noddy Series - Noddy Lends a Hand.mp4 - 48.18 MiB
096.Noddy Series - Noddy Loses His Bell.mp4 - 47.91 MiB
097.Noddy Series - Noddy Loses Sixpence.mp4 - 47.94 MiB
098.Noddy Series - Noddy Meets Some Silly Hens.mp4 - 48.12 MiB
099.Noddy Series - Noddy Sets a Trap.mp4 - 48.89 MiB
100.Noddy Series - Noddy to the Rescue.mp4 - 48.59 MiB
101.Noddy Series - Noddy's New Friend.mp4 - 48.14 MiB
102.Noddy Series - Noddy and the Missing Hats.mp4 - 48.06 MiB
103_1.Noddy Series - Noddy and Father Christmas - Part 1.mp4 - 28 MiB
103_2.Noddy Series - Noddy and Father Christmas Part 2.mp4 - 31.1 MiB
103_3.Noddy Series - Noddy and Father Christmas - Part 3.mp4 - 40.8 MiB
104.Noddy In Toyland - The Magic Paintbrush.mp4 - 59.92 MiB
105.Noddy In Toyland - Happy Birthday Tessie.mp4 - 59.91 MiB
106.Noddy In Toyland - Mr Plod Loses His Laugh.mp4 - 59.97 MiB
107.Noddy In Toyland - Noddy's Sticky Day.mp4 - 59.92 MiB
108.Noddy In Toyland - The Invisible Goblins.mp4 - 59.84 MiB
109.Noddy Time For Christmas Singalong.mp4 - 28.68 MiB
110.Noddy - Halloween Episode.mp4 - 138.9 MiB
111.The Further Adventures of Noddy - The Great Car Race.mp4 - 11.83 MiB
112.Noddy - LIVE (1994).mp4 - 314.08 MiB

Size : 6.57 GB (10EP)
***Sample Video Quality***
File size : 698 MiB
Duration : 21mn 24s
Video : MKV | 4 085 Kbps | 1 280x720 pixels | 23.976 fps
Audio : English | AC-3 | 384 Kbps | 6 channels
Genre : Comedy | Drama
IMDB Ratings: 7.1/10 from 5,206 users 
Creator : Breckin Meyer
Stars : Danny Masterson, Michael Cassidy, Adam Busch
Comedy following the misadventures of four buddies who work together at a magazine.
Screens S01E01:

Men At Work Season-2-Complete 720p WEB-DL DD5 1 H 264-NTb
Size : 6.5 GB (10EP)
***Sample Video Quality***
File size : 698 MiB
Duration : 21mn 24s
Video : MKV | 3 947 Kbps | 1 280x720 pixels | 23.976 fps
Audio : English | AC-3 | 384 Kbps | 6 channels
Genre : Comedy | Drama
IMDB Ratings: 7.1/10 from 5,206 users
Creator : Breckin Meyer
Stars : Danny Masterson, Michael Cassidy, Adam Busch
Comedy following the misadventures of four buddies who work together at a magazine.

Lee Evans - So What Now - Series 1 (2001)
 ***Sample Video Quality***
File size: 204 MiB
Duration : 29mn 5s
Video : 779 Kbps | 720x576 pixels | 23.976 fps
Audio : MP3 | 192 Kbps | 2 channels
Kicked out by his wife Eileen, Accident prone Lee turns to slobish best mate Stuart to take him in, after he burns down his place, they both rent rooms from Looney but lonely landlady Heather, a failed It-Girl who's wealth has run dry. Their adventures begin here...

All 8 Episodes:
Moving Out - 26 March 2001
Sofa So good - 2 April 2001
Swingers - 9 April 2001
The House Guest - 16 April 2001
Act of God - 23 April 2001
The Limo - 15 May 2001
Parole - 22 May 2001